3D-printed sensible contact lens with navigation perform

Cowl picture from Superior Science. Meniscus-guided micro-printing of Prussian Blue is realized by the localized crystallization of FeFe(CN)6 on the substrate confined by the ink meniscus and thermal discount of the crystallized FeFe(CN)6. This technique is able to getting used as an electrochromic show to offer real-time instructions on an augmented actuality (AR) sensible contact lens machine. Credit score: Korea Electrotechnology Analysis Institute

Dr. Seol Seung-Kwon’s Sensible 3D Printing Analysis Group at KERI and Professor Lim-Doo Jeong’s crew at Ulsan Nationwide Institute of Science and Know-how (UNIST) developed core expertise for sensible contact lenses that may implement augmented actuality (AR)-based navigation, with a 3D printing course of.

A sensible contact lens is a product hooked up to the human eye like a standard lens that gives varied data. Analysis on these lenses is presently centered primarily on diagnosing and treating well being issues. Just lately, Google and others are growing sensible contact lenses for shows that may implement AR. But many obstacles to commercialization exist because of a number of technical challenges.

In implementing AR with sensible contact lenses, electrochromic shows that may be pushed with low energy are needed, and a “pure Prussian blue” coloration, with value competitiveness and fast distinction and transition between colours, is attracting consideration because the lens’ materials. Up to now, the colour was coated on the substrate within the type of a movie utilizing the electrical plating technique, which restricted the manufacturing of superior shows that may specific varied data (letters, numbers, photos).

The achievement of the KERI-UNIST crew lies in the truth that it’s a expertise that may notice AR by printing micro-patterns on a lens show utilizing a 3D printer with out making use of voltage. The hot button is the meniscus of used ink. This can be a phenomenon by which a curved floor is shaped on the outer wall with out water droplets bursting because of capillary motion when water droplets are gently pressed or pulled with a sure stress.

Smart contact lens with navigation function, made with 3D printer!
Crystallization of FeFe(CN)6 happens on the substrate in a area confined by the meniscus, forming the uniform sample. FeFe(CN)6 sample is transformed to the PB (Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3) through thermal discount. Credit score: Korea Electrotechnology Analysis Institute

Prussian blue is crystallized by solvent evaporation within the meniscus shaped between the micronozzle and the substrate. The meniscus of the acidic-ferric-ferricyanide ink is shaped on the substrate when the ink-filled micronozzle and substrate are available contact. Heterogeneous crystallization of FeFe(CN)6 happens on the substrate throughout the meniscus through spontaneous reactions of the precursor ions (Fe3+ and Fe(CN)3-) at room temperature. Concurrently, solvent evaporation happens on the meniscus floor.

When water evaporates from the meniscus, the water molecules and precursor ions transfer towards the meniscus floor by convective stream, producing a preferential accumulation of the precursor ions within the outer a part of the meniscus. This phenomenon induces the edge-enhanced crystallization of FeFe(CN)6; that is essential for controlling the components that affect the crystallization of FeFe(CN)6 within the printing step to acquire uniformly printed PB patterns on a substrate.

As with standard electroplating, the substrate previously needed to be a conductor when voltage was utilized, however an ideal benefit of utilizing the meniscus phenomenon is that there isn’t a restriction on what substrate can be utilized as a result of crystallization happens by pure evaporation of the solvent.

By way of the exact motion of the nozzle, the crystallization of Prussian blue is repeatedly carried out, thereby forming micro-patterns. Patterns will be shaped on each flat surfaces and curved surfaces. The analysis crew’s micro-pattern expertise may be very high quality (7.2 micrometers), and it may be utilized to sensible contact lens shows for AR, as the colour is steady and uniform.

The primary anticipated utility space is navigation. Just by sporting a lens, navigation unfolds in entrance of an individual’s eyes by AR. Video games comparable to the favored “Pokemon Go” will also be loved with sensible contact lenses, not smartphones.

  • Smart contact lens with navigation function, made with 3D printer!
    Picture displaying meniscus phenomenon. Credit score: Korea Electrotechnology Analysis Institute
  • Smart contact lens with navigation function, made with 3D printer!
    Picture presents a schematic of the PB-based EC show with a navigation perform in an AR sensible contact lens that exhibits instructions to the vacation spot to a consumer on the EC show by receiving GPS coordinates in actual time. Credit score: Korea Electrotechnology Analysis Institute

Dr. Seol Seung-Kwon’s of KERI stated, “Our achievement is a growth of 3D printing expertise that may print purposeful micro-patterns on non-planner substrate that may commercialize superior sensible contact lenses to implement AR.” He added, “It can enormously contribute to the miniaturization and flexibility of AR gadgets.”

The associated analysis outcomes have been just lately revealed as a canopy article in Superior Science.

The analysis crew believes that this achievement will appeal to numerous consideration from firms associated to batteries and biosensors that require micro-patterning of Prussian blue in addition to the AR discipline, and plans to search out associated demand firms and promote expertise switch.

Extra data:
Je Hyeong Kim et al, Meniscus‐Guided Micro‐Printing of Prussian Blue for Sensible Electrochromic Show, Superior Science (2022). DOI: 10.1002/advs.202205588

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